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First company meeting of the new season!

October 8, 2011

There is nothing like sharing a cup of coffee and a little something to eat with friends. I am working on the agenda for the first meeting of the season this Sunday. There will be members who have  been incognito over the summer performing in other shows and those who were busily working alongside me every weekend over the summer.  We will kvetch, hug and get to work on another exciting year.  First order of business is setting the dates for the Artist Salon Series. the Salon was the brain child of Kate and she ran it until she left for San Diego. Every month we sent an invite to the women artist we came in contact with, inviting them to come and hang out and to talk about working in the theater as actors, designers, technicians and writers. It has become a wonderful part Woman’s Will and we now need another member to step up and take it on.  I’ll let you know who steps up to the plate. Or even better you can come and meet her yourself at the next Salon.

Singing the show closure blues

October 6, 2011

Work work work STOP! After spending 14 weeks with a cast of wonderful ladies, I am now experiencing show withdrawal. My son is of course happy to see his mom with out being cajoled into handing out programs and my husband is receiving more hot meals than cold. But I am feeling restless. What shall I do next. Am I still a director if I have no cast?

Did I have this feeling after the last show? No I didn’t. Why? I liked my cast, they were talented, even brilliant at times but still I was happy to go back home after the show opened. After a few glasses of wine and cups of coffee I think I know the problem.

Woman’s Will show are well mostly women and when you put together a group of women relationships are formed. There are siblings, parent-child and BFF’s. In a cast of women all of these relationships are formed. We commiserate over bad dates with ice cream we sing happy birthday with gusto and we chastise each other over all kinds of issues ranging from men to cars.

So this show hangover is earned. I miss my cast of sisters, friends and children. I wish them every success and I really mean that. They are brilliant. My set designer a young dynamic woman with mad skills is off to grad school and I was so sad I didn’t say goodbye. Even typing this makes me want to cry.  I know she will do well and I hope she knows that I believe in her. She is the daughter I would have wished for, and her future like so many of the women involved with Woman’s Will is indeed bright.

Oh well like all things this feeling will pass with another pint of ice cream.