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About us

Woman’s Will, the Bay Area’s all-female theater company, exists to provide opportunities for women and girls to work together in a supportive yet challenging environment, to entertain and educate through high quality classes and performances, and to expand the boundaries in which audiences and artists see themselves.

Woman’s Will is a multi-ethnic company that operates under a strict policy of non-discrimination and strives for triple accessibility at every event: all people must be able to reach our events, afford our events, and relate to our events.

Finally, and most importantly, we love our work, and it shows. Our actor- and text-based productions are both intelligent and visceral, yet clearly told so even the youngest members of your family can join in the fun.  Let us show you what wonders arise under the influence of a Woman’s Will.

“Woman’s Will proves itself the most imaginative-and one of the best-Shakespeare companies.”- Callboard Magazine, August 2001

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